Posted on 9/29/2023

Why Sisters, Oregon is the Ultimate Base Camp for Outdoor Activities

If you've been searching high and low (mostly high) for the ultimate base camp to outdoor adventure, set your sights on Sisters, Oregon. Nestled in the shadows of the mighty Cascade Mountains, this Central Oregon community is a gateway to the great outdoors. Hiking, biking, climbing, rafting - whatever type of thrills you’re chasing, you’ll find them close by your cozy vacation rental.

If you’re ready for endless outdoor recreation, here are six reasons Sisters is your ultimate base camp for outdoor adventure.

1. We’re Part of Nature's Playground. Imagine waking up, stretching, and thinking, "Hmm, should I hike, fish, mountain bike, or just frolic in the wild today?" When you're in Sisters, you don’t have to choose—you can do it all! And all within a stone's throw (or a slightly-longer frisbee toss).

Smith Rock State Park, one of the 7 Wonders of Oregon, is a short 40-minute drive away. The Metolius and Deschutes Rivers, an easy 20 minutes. Deschutes National Forest, Newberry Volcanic Monument, Hoodoo Ski Resort - it’s all in your backyard with Sisters as your base camp.

2. Tour Guides Galore. Do you have a terrible sense of direction? Can't tell north from your left shoe? Fear not! Sisters boasts an impressive array of local tour guides that offer everything from kayak tours and horseback trail rides to rafting excursions and fly fishing charters. These local heroes can show you hidden gems and ensure you won't be making any unintentional overnight stays in the wilderness (unless that's your thing).

3. Say Hello to the Sisters. No, not actual sisters (though the town folk are like family). We’re talking about the Three Sisters mountains—Faith, Hope, and Charity. These towering peaks not only provide a dramatic backdrop but are an invitation for mountain climbers, photographers, and anyone who appreciates a jaw-dropping vista. And around their collective bases, the Three Sisters Wilderness offers over 260 miles of trail where alpine meadows, waterfalls, lava fields, glaciers, and glacial lakes are abundant.

4. Tons of Winter Fun. Does your favorite kind of fun heat up when things cool way down? Whether you’re a pro snowboarder or an expert at sipping hot cocoa, there’s winter fun for everyone at Hoodoo Ski Resort. With slopes that cater to both beginners and seasoned shredders, it’s the perfect spot to carve up some snow. If downhill isn’t your thing, their nordic trails just may make you a cross-country convert. And let’s not forget their iconic night skiing: stars above and snow below is the only way to go!

5. Endless Events and Festivals. From the famous Sisters Rodeo to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show (yes, you read that right), this town knows how to celebrate the great outdoors in style. Even if you aren’t a cowboy or a quilter, you'll find yourself drawn into the community spirit that permeates every event.

6. Cozy Indoor Comfort. Unless you want to sleep under the stars (hey - we won’t judge), you’ll want a cozy place to rest your head after a day of outdoor fun. Our local vacation properties offer the ultimate comfort zone where you can kick back, relax, and dream about tomorrow’s adventure. How about a 2-story pine log cabin in Deschutes National Forest, where nature trails (and a horseshoe pit) are right in your backyard? Or a riverside stay at Camp Sherman, where award-winning cabins are just steps from the shore and surrounded by miles of paths to explore. There are no bad choices - just endless adventure and a perfect place to call home. Book your stay today!

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