Posted on 10/31/2023 by Sisters Vacation Rentals

6 Ways to Get Cozy in Sisters, Oregon

The weather outside may be frightful, but winter in Sisters is still delightful–as long as you know how to chase away the chill. Let's be honest: winter on the mountain range can be colder than a polar bear's toenails. When you start to crave all things cozy, Sisters Vacation Rentals is here to guide you through a wonderland of warm, snuggly activities that'll make Jack Frost pack his bags. So, bundle up, grab your mittens, and let's dive into the six coziest ways to spend winter in Sisters, Oregon.

1. Sip the Day Away at a Local Coffee Shop

Nothing warms the hands and the heart like wrapping them both around a steaming cup of the good stuff. As flakes build piles on frosty window panes, slip into one of our Sisters coffee shops to bask in the warmth of house-roasted beans, fresh-baked goods, and friendly service. Sisters Flagship Cafe has a cozy collection of signature brews, tasteful teas and seasonal specials (try the Sweater Weather Latte for a spicy autumn blend that sips like a snuggle.)

2. Soak in a Local Hot Spring

Warm baths are nice, but our natural hot springs are a dreamy retreat that won’t disappear down the drain. Imagine soaking in steamy, mineral-rich waters that soothe away stress faster than snowflakes can melt on their bubbling surface. Whether you’re soaking solo or lounging with a loved one, this is one cozy way to really crank up the heat.

3. Enjoy a Cozy Winter Carriage Ride

Cuddle under a warm blanket and explore Sisters in comfort on a charming winter carriage ride. Black Butte Ranch and North Pine Carriage Co. offer horse-drawn tours through our winter wonderland, from sleepy downtown streets to frosty paths that sparkle with fresh powder. Dress warmly and delight in the gentle sway of your sleigh as the clip-clop of hooves chase away winter’s chill (with the help of your big, cozy blanket.)

4. Embark on a Bonfire Snowshoe Tour

Who said you can’t feel cozy and closer to nature? Join Wanderlust Tours on a bonfire snowshoe tour, where you’ll trek snowy trails to a hand-carved amphitheater for a stunning celestial show. In the cozy glow of a winter bonfire, you’ll sip hazelnut hot cocoa (with a warm splash of vodka) as your naturalist guides point out planets, stars, and ancient constellations.

5. Wrap Yourself in a Quilt of Local Culture

Sisters isn't just about outdoor activities! Immerse yourself in our vibrant local culture. From art galleries to music venues, let the warmth of our community spirit chase away the chill. It’s like being wrapped in a quilt made of fun and local charm!

6. Cozy Up to a Crackling Fire

Few things create a cozy vibe like the crackle and glow of a warm winter fire. With Family Time Vacation Rentals, you can find a local vacation property fit for warmth, comfort, and cozy appeal. How about a three-bedroom home in the heart of the city, where you can stretch out near a stunning stone hearth? Or a cozy riverside cabin, where a roaring fire only adds to the relaxing, rustic charm? Throw on some fuzzy socks, grab a good book, or play a board game in the flame’s gentle glow. It’s the perfect backdrop for creating toasty memories.

At Sisters Vacation Rentals, we're all about making your winter getaway as warm and memorable as a grandma's knitted sweater. Book your holiday vacation with us, and let's turn that frosty frown upside down. Here's to winter adventures that are cooler than cool (but also warm)!

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